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Executive Producer - Choi Hee Kang, MD - Museum Film Production

Executive Producer - Choi Hee Kang, MD

Executive Producer and partner at Museum Films, Choi Hee Kang’s modesty and reserve belies his status in the industry and the slew of awards with which he has been bestowed. The guiding principle for his work is quality and sempiternity, hence the name Museum Films, paying homage to an institution which is the very embodiment of these elements.

While not necessarily aiming for the extreme avant-garde, Kang’s desire is to set precedents within the industry. Unlike many of their counterparts in Korea, Museum Films is actively engaged in building rapport with companies all over the world. His belief is that making the Korean industry globally accessible will be beneficial to everyone.

The assiduous Executive Producer is insistent that each and every finished product is a reflection on the company and so it goes without saying that the utmost care is put into every project Museum Films takes on. Kang’s altruism also prevents him from thinking exclusively about the present and his hope is to leave a legacy to which the next generation of his industry’s counterparts can aspire.

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