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Muhammad Abduroaf, Adv.

Muhammad Abduroaf, Advocate - Sennbourne International

Muhammad Abduroaf made legal history in the Republic of South Africa when he won a landmark case which made it possible to claim maintenance from the paternal grandparents of children born out of wedlock. Incisive, with an uncanny ability to think on his feet, the buoyant Abduroaf is a law Advocate with a Masters degree in Constitutional litigation whose fields of practice range from contractual, delictual and criminal law to family and commercial law. Adv. Abduroaf, based in Cape Town, has also written and compiled a handbook on financial assistance.

Business Legal Advice
(Global Service)
  Legal Problems - Day to day legal issues a business may experience,
                             e.g. debtors not paying.
  Business Legal Compliancy - Ensures your business adheres to industry
                                               and other legislation or laws.
  Litigation Risk Analysis - Analyze and determine the risk your business
                                        has on being litigated against.
  Labour Issues - CCMA, Unfair dismissals, unfair labour practices.
By Request

Drafting Business Contracts (Global Service)
  Employment Agreements
  NDA (Non-disclosure)
  Business Plans
  General Contracts
By Request

Litigation Services (Global Service)
  Advising on prospects of success on litigation
  Instructing attorneys on your behalf
  Facilitating Litigation (R.S.A only)
  Litigating on your behalf (R.S.A only)
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Sennbourne Web Services

   Web site Development
  Web Site Maintenance
  Database Design & Development
  Coding (asp, php, CMS systems, etc)
  Flash Development

  Domain Registration
  Hosting Packages
  E-mail Address Management
  Website Search Engine Marketing
  SEO (Search Engine Optimization
  Keyword Monitoring and Rankings
  Link Building
  Google Adwords
  SEO Packages
  Logo Design
  Web site Design
  Design of Corporate Identity
  Flash Design
  Power Point Presentations


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Sennbourne Graphic Art & Design


RedFred (Royston Fredericks), Graphic Designer, Sennbourne Graphic Art & Design

Royston Fredericks is a Cape Town based graphic designer. His designs reflect his flair for colour and aesthetics, while the meticulous attention given to finer details such as typography, perspective and layout are clearly visible. With a strategic approach to every project, Fredericks has a keen understanding of the corporate world.  He varies his Design style to suit the needs of his client, incorporating innovation and distinction. In addition, he believes in constant research, not only to improve his skills but to remain at the forefront of this highly competitive profession.
Graphic Design:
   Corporate ID
  Logos, Business cards,
  Letterheads, Folders,
  Compliment slips)
  Backdrop designs
  Stand designs
By Request
Flash Website design:
  Animated designer
  flash websites to suit 
  your needs.
By request
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Presentation design:
  Animated flash 
  presentations for
  corporate or non-
  orporate events.
  Presentations done
  in Adobe captivate.
By request
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Photo Retouching and manipulation:
  Fixing up bad lighting and
  taking away unwanted
  blemishes on photos
  or any other pictures.
By request
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Vector illustrations:
  Illustrating images or photos
  into a vector
  format which is an infinitely
  scalable image
  that will not pixelate or
  distort when printed.
  Great for designs when
  combined with
By Request
Digital art:
  Abstract concepts that
  I have designed myself.
  I will also take on 
  ideasas well
  to create what you
By request

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Sennbourne Art (Painting, Drawing & Woodburning)






Nina VanArt, Artist / Consultant

Nina Van Art, Manager - Sennbourne Art

Operations Manager for Sennbourne Art, Nina Van Art is a Cape Town born artist whose paintings and drawings can be classed in the realm of basic Realism with an expressionistic approach to colour, although she also dabbles in the Abstract, Floral and Decorative spheres. The painstaking art of Woodburning is also a large part of Van Art’s repertoire, with the chief subject matter being animals in their natural habitat. She has distinguished herself in this rare art form for which few have the patience or skill.

The artist draws inspiration from everything, even those seemingly insignificant things which many would reject as worthless. She describes a deep sense of serenity and satisfaction on the completion of each of her works and her desire is that the viewer will experience similar emotions.


  PAINTING - Basic Realism with Expressionistic colour usage

  DRAWING - Basic Realism with Expressionistic colour usage
creation right ...
fragile (abstra...
moonlight (abst...

  WOODBURNING - Nature and Portrait Pyrography (woodburnings)

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Sennbourne Documentation Editing (International Service)

[Senior Editor, Prof. Sheridene Oersen

Sheridene Oersen, MD - Sennbourne Documentation Editing

Sheridene Oersen is currently a Professor of English studies at a prestigious international university in the East Asian region. With a Literary background, experience in Western Classical music, Animal Science as well as Journalism, the texts she is able to write and edit are varied. Having taught Academic Writing skills for many years to first, second, third and even fourth language speakers of English from all over the world, she is acutely aware of the difficulties experienced by the respective groups. She has also worked closely with company executives and CEOs, assisting with formal correspondence and presentations.

Prof. Oersen, who is bilingual in English and the Dutch dialect Afrikaans, is skilled at amending resumes and CVs (curriculum vitae), reworking presentations and speeches, and editing content for websites. In addition to having sub-edited for an online newspaper, her editorial work includes a 200-page feasibility study for an engineering corporation.

Note: All services are for personal, small business and corporate
Editing (American or British English)
  Proofreading, reviewing grammar,
  basic sentence construction, wordiness,
  and repetition.
By request…
  This is generally directed at second or third language
  speakers: repetitive problems, content revision,
  re-writing and reformulation to intention, diction, flow,
  style and tone.
By request…
Basic Graphs and Tables
  Editing (textual only) of graphs and tables.
  Editing or re-writing basic PowerPoint presentations.
Editing for the Company
  The image of your company is dependent on many aspects and
  a great deal of emphasis is placed on aesthetics. However, the
  profound impression created by language usage in company
  documentation is often overlooked. As ridiculous as it may sound,
  a simple typo could lose your company a billion dollar tender.
  In the current, or any economic climate for that matter, business
  cannot afford such costly blunders. Precision is needed in every
  facet of a well-run corporate entity. Our service
  (editing and/or re-writing) is directed at virtually the
  entire spectrum of business documentation, including the most
  simplistic (e.g. an email) to the most complex (e.g. a feasibility study).
Editing for the Student
  The overall coherence and cohesion of your paper is crucial to
  conveying your thesis statement. A poorly structured paper with
  sub-standard language usage does not create a favourable
  impression, regardless of your knowledge on the subject.
  An exhausted, overworked professor with 300 papers cannot
  be expected to analyse your garble and their irritation will soon be
  reflected in your grades. Our service includes editing and/or re-writing,
  but please note that we do not write papers for students.
  Post-graduate students are advised to consult editors recommended
  by their respective institutions for the final edit phase of a thesis
  or dissertation.