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Sennbourne International

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With the rapid global paradigm shift in economic power, we are increasingly -consciously or subconsciously- looking to the East for guidance due to the current financial coup. However, we are naturally wary of one of the most fundamental concepts that pervades every realm of Eastern society: Collectivism. The notion seems to raise red flags in most other parts of the world, signalling the oppression of freedom and individualism. What seems to go amiss, though, is that any form of extreme translates into a negative and it is a balance between various extremes for which we should strive.
This leads to the Sennbourne tenets regarding the present and the future. We see ourselves as a collective business society developing mutually beneficial partnerships amongst organizations that truly consider all stakeholders. Essentially, the society is about simplifying, consolidating, unifying and standardizing the processes between these entities, creating the same efficiency as in a larger multinational corporate, yet still giving the independent enterprise its own image, identity and space for individual growth.
Although Sennbourne is a fledgling society, we aim to balance idealism with business pragmatism, governed by a strong sense of altruism and prove that balanced collectivism is indeed the way forward...

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